Held April 29th & 30th, 2011

Now Just Fond Memories

On the way home, my wife said "You sure had a lot of nice people at your High School".

I agree. Thanks everyone.


Have Pictures we can post? To send them, click the X (Include names, if possible).

You probably noticed the presence of a professional photographer. The results can be viewed and prints ordered here . Their prices are reasonable and there are some quality pictures.

Some pictures are ready for your viewing pleasure.  Follow this link to see the ones Ed Lawson took.  Anyone else have some? (see the "X" above).

A few of our classmates who were unable to attend shared current pictures of themselves. If you would like to see them and send one of your own, follow the instructions at the top of the page you get by clicking here.

As additional pictures trickle in, we'll post them here.

Fishing Trip offer and results.  (Click the fish)


Pre-Reunion Page with Links  In case you want to review the agenda & who registered.


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