In Memoriam


This special page has been established to remember and honor those classmates who are no longer with us. This list is complete to the best of our knowledge.  We fear there may be others, which appear on our Lost List, that may belong on this list.  If you have information about someone who should be included on this list, please let us know.


Bill Alling III

Walter Bone

Dian Bonner

Richard Borgstrom

Carol Borsch

David Bray

Patricia Bradley

Sherrie Burns

Nancy Bybee

Pamela Carter

Martha Kay Chaffin

Keith Chandler

Joe W Chick

Michael Claiborne

Carol Clinger

Elizabeth Colburn

James P. Connell

Alan Couk

Wayne Covington

Lorraine Cox

Donnie Crowder      

Karen Dalby

Michael Lawrence Darnell

Peter R. Davis

Tommy Drumm

Larry Edwards

Alvin Grady Elam

Judith Ann Elbourn

Sharon Ellis

David Elson

John Emerson

Lory Fetzer

Carolyn Fleming

James William Floyd

John Martin French




Phillip Goode

John Graves

Don Green

Ted Gruen

William Roy Haden

Joyce Elaine Hankins

George Richard Harris

Roger Hill

Bob Holloway

William Hollweg

Rowena Hoyt

Lee Murrey Hughes

Marion M. Hurt

Earl Charles Isom

Gary Johnson

Teresa Johnson

Robert W. Jones

Carol Kennedy

Sue Kennedy

Kelly Klein

David Kyser

Eddie Lang

James Leath

Sandra MacDonald

Mark Magilow

Charles Sidney McClain

Glenda Morton

David Lee Murphy

Judy Johnson Murphy

H. Robert Nagel

James Prewitt

J. W. Prewitt

Tommye Pyland






Updated 6/29/19

Steve Reed

Carolyn Reed

Mary Lou Renfro

Billy Rice

Linda Hickman Sanders

Marybelle Seals

Judy Sefton

Walter Shaw

Mary Shay

Tommy Shiels

Kent Smith

Sandra Sohrweide

John Stevens

Walter Strain

Billy R. Surles

David Tanner

Toby Tate

Robert Lee Terry

Robert Edward Toon

Jean Tutt

Marilyn Vaughan

Jimmy Vermillion

Annette Gautier Warren

Larry Wayne Wheeler

Billy Whitehead

Jill Winkworth

Ray Worcester

Lynn Worden

Dickie Worrell