This is a list of classmates we were unable to contact during our attempts to notify them of our

upcoming 60th Reunion. We know some of them are "hiding in plain sight".

If you are on this list, please update your contact information by >selecting this link<.

We want everyone who has an interest to know about this monumental Reunion!!!


Jeb Blum Charles Thompson
Tommy Brooks David Veretts
Judith Egan Sandra Wagner
Mike Hill June Carpenter
Jackie Hodges Judy Hatherley Hager
Jane Jackson Celeste Irwin Thomas
Peter Kofsky Glenda Jannasch
Barbara Maschhoff Diane Lett
Nancy McDonald Sheryl Myers
Bob McLaughlin Karen Rainey Somerville
Joan Muth James Schreiber
Christene Stevens Justina Strickland
Carole Thompson Helen Winberg